Amazon Echo Sub (2018)

alaTest a collecté et analysé 16 avis de consommateurs et d'experts pour le produit Amazon Echo Sub (2018). La note moyenne du produit est 3.9 sur 5, tandis que les autres produits de même catégorie ont une note moyenne de 4.3 sur 5. Les testeurs apprécient l'ergonomie.

valeur, utilisabilité, basses, design, taille

Après analyse des notes de consommateurs et d'experts, de l'âge du produit ainsi que d'autres facteurs, et comparé aux autres produits de même catégorie, l'Amazon Echo Sub (2018) obtient un alaScore™ de 96/100 = Excellent.

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Avis d'expert par : David Ludlow (

Amazon Echo Sub review: All about that bass and we're delighted Review | Trusted Reviews


Amazon Echo Sub review: A well-priced and powerful subwoofer for Alexa smart speakers, but this subwoofer works best with certain Echo models.

Adds sorely missing bass to Echo speakers ; Works brilliant in a stereo pair with Echo Plus speakers ; Easy to set up

Few controls ; Can't fix mid-range issues with some Echo speakers

The Amazon Echo Sub is a decent upgrade for many Echo speakers, but it's at its best with two new Amazon Echo Plus devices.

Oct. 2018

Avis d'expert par : Caleb Denison (

Amazon Echo Sub review


Amazon introduced the Echo Sub for Echo speaker owners who wanted to inject some room-moving bass into their smart speaker experience. We took the new Alexa-friendly sub for a spin and quickly learned that it's a niche product, but one that does its...

Compact and attractive ; Gets loud ; Goes deeper than expected ; Fills a room with decent bass

Won’t connect to anything but Echo speakers ; Can’t play sound from videos

The Echo Sub is designed and outfitted to do one very specific thing and do it well enough. It succeeds at offering loud, respectably deep and robust bass to eligible Amazon Echo speakers, and does it with ease. That’s where its utility stops, though....

Oct. 2018

Avis d'expert par : Will Greenwald (

Amazon Echo Sub


The Amazon Echo Sub provides much-needed sub-bass to your Echo smart speaker as long as you're willing to overlook some frustrating limitations.

Small and inexpensive. Successfully rounds out low frequency response when used with an Echo or Echo Plus.

Not particularly powerful or booming. Only works with Echo speakers. Doesn't work with Bluetooth connections to Echo speakers.

Bottom Line: The Amazon Echo Sub provides much-needed sub-bass to your Echo smart speaker as long as you're willing to overlook some frustrating limitations.

Juil. 2019

Avis d'expert par : Chris Hall (

Amazon Echo Sub review: Rebel bass


A good value upgrade for existing Echo speakers that adds depth and low-end bass, but if you're buying a system from scratch there are other options.

Adds wonderful depth and low-end bass ; Gives flexibility other systems don't offer ; Simple setup ; Affordability

Alexa app could be better ; Some skills don't fire the Sub ; Won't pair with first-gen Echo devices (second and beyond only)

Add bass and depth to your second-gen Echo system. The Sub will appeal to those who have never considered spending big money on an music system, while enjoying the convenience and connectivity of Alexa. There are some foibles, but it's a great modular...

Oct. 2018

Avis d'expert par : Scott Wilkinson (

Amazon Echo Sub review: Add some serious bass to your Echo or Echo Plus speakers


Amazon's Echo speakers aren't exactly audiophile quality, but adding this inexpensive subwoofer certainly improves their performance.

Perfect companion for Echo and Echo Plus speakers ; A lot of bass for not a lot of money ; Easy setup

Sound can be boomy without reducing the bass level ; Bass-drum hits can sound thuddy ; A few operational hiccups (which could disappear before the speaker ships)

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the Amazon Echo Sub. It adds good bass to the sound of Echo speakers. It's not audiophile quality—it can sound a bit boomy and thuddy on some material, and the extreme low end is not what I'd call prodigious. But neither...

Oct. 2018

Avis d'expert par : Ty Pendlebury (

Amazon Echo Sub review: More bass for your Echo


The Amazon Echo Sub offers an instant bass upgrade to the smart speaker line, but stereo pairing two Echos makes for a better music experience.

The Amazon Echo Sub improves the bass output of Echo speakers for an affordable price. It's attractive and the lack of fiddly controls makes it easy to use for newbies.

The bass can be overwhelming with certain music. It's not possible to adjust the volume or the crossover of the subwoofer individually. The addition of a line-in would have made the Sub more flexible.

The Amazon Echo Sub offers an instant bass upgrade to the Echo line of smart speakers, but stereo pairing two Echos makes for a better music experience.

Oct. 2018

Avis d'expert par (

Amazon Echo Sub: Boost your Echo’s bass with Amazon’s new subwoofer


There's a new Echo in town! This one's a subwoofer that looks like the sort of stool you'd sit on to play bongos

It’s about time that Amazon made a speaker that can get a party going. The Amazon Echo and Echo Plus are pretty nifty smart speakers with a great range of Alexa features, but they haven’t been able to produce the sound required to fill a room. Until...

Sep. 2018

Avis d'expert par (

Amazon Echo Sub review: Alexa can be all about that bass


An upgrade rather than a standalone Echo, the Echo Sub is a welcome addition to the Alexa family

Instantly brings out the bassy notes the Echo tends to miss

...but probably not enough to impress audiophiles ; Highlights how weak the bass is on Echo devices ; Not compatible with every Echo

Is it better than an Echo Dot attached to an expensive audio setup? No. That remains the choice for audiophiles, home cinema and hi-fi nuts, but for people who just want their Echo setup to sound that bit richer (in every sense of the word), the Echo...

Avis d'expert par : Nandagopal Rajan (

Amazon Echo Sub review: A good bass add-on


Amazon Echo Sub review: If you have already invested in an Echo or Echo Plus and use it to listen to music all the time then this is a good add on.

Juin 2020

Avis d'expert par : Max Mutter Steven Tata (

Amazon Echo Sub Bundle Review


The Amazon Echo and Amazon Sub are no longer available as a 3-piece bundle, though you can still purchase the components separately. The Amazon Echo Sub...

Nov. 2018

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Elipson Planet Sub Blanc laqué
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Elipson prestige facet sub8 noir - PRIX A NÉGOCIER...
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