Gateway FX6800

alaTest a collecté et analysé 78 avis de consommateurs et d'experts pour le produit Gateway FX6800. La note moyenne du produit est 4.0 sur 5, tandis que les autres Ordinateurs de bureau ont une note moyenne de 4.1 sur 5. De nombreux avis apprécient l'ergonomie.

utilisabilité, valeur, design, fiabilité, taille

Après analyse des notes de consommateurs et d'experts, de l'âge du produit ainsi que d'autres facteurs, et comparé aux autres Ordinateurs de bureau, le Gateway FX6800 obtient un alaScore™ de 85/100 = Très Bien.

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Avis d'expert par : Nick Mokey (

Gateway FX6800-01e Review


There's a lot to like about this reasonably priced gaming rig, though it has its share of problems as well.

Dec. 2008

Avis d'expert par : David Murphy (

Gateway FX6800-11


The Gateway FX6800-11 has great numbers in almost all respects. It's a fast system--one of the best value PCs in general performance, and nearly top-notch in gaming, too. The connections are ample, the case is beautiful, and the available storage is...

Good all-around performance ; Above-average storage

Less-expensive PCs offer better results ; Wasted interior space hurts upgradability

Sep. 2009

Avis d'expert par : David Murphy (

Gateway FX6800-05


Unless you glanced at a specification chart or popped their tops, you'd have no way of distinguishing between the Gateway FX6800-05 and its less expensive cousin, the FX6800-01E. The two systems use an identical chassis with carbon-copy labeling and...

Speedy CPU and solid state hard disk ; Top-notch graphics

Limited upgradability ; No Blu-ray Disc drive

This Gateway is one of the better power PCs available, if the price and limited upgradability don't scare you away.

Avr. 2009

Avis d'expert par (

Gateway FX6800-01e Value Desktop PC


With top-notch performance, design, and expandability, the Gateway FX6800-01e is one of the better desktops in the value-PC category.

Excellent performance and expandability ; Intel Core i7 920 CPU

Slightly cluttered internal wiring ; Expensive for the value-PC category

Gateway bundles a giant, full-color setup guide with the rig that details how to connect the monitor and cabling. The comprehensive reference guide is specific to the FX6800-01e, and it should answer even the most technical of questions a newbie might...

Fév. 2009

Avis d'expert par : David Murphy (

Gateway FX6800-01e


Gateway has put all the bells and whistles on its FX6800-01e desktop--it's either a killer value PC or an inexpensive power PC, take your pick. No matter what you call it, this system offers compelling performance for its price. Though it isn't the...

Excellent performance and expandability ; Core i7 920 CPU

Slightly cluttered internal wiring ; Slightly cluttered internal wiring

With top-notch performance, design and expandability, the FX6800-01e is one of the better value PCs in the category, period.

Fév. 2009

Avis d'expert par : Rich Brown (

Gateway FX6800-01e review: Gateway FX6800-01e


Gateway FX6800-01e

Unique case design with useful extras; second graphics card slot.

Competing Dell PC has twice the RAM and faster performance as a result.

With lots of useful features (some cleverly hidden), Gateway's FX6800-01e stands out from the boring mainstream pack. It also uses Intel's new CPU and motherboard combination to provide speed and upgradeability. You can find faster PCs for a similar...

Nov. 2008

Editor's Choice!

Avis d'expert par (

Gateway FX6800-01e


One last nit relates to the OS: Why install 64-bit Vista when the system comes with only 3GB of memory? Any benefits of 64-bit don't come into play until you have more than 4GB for RAM. I guess Gateway put Vista 64-bit on the FX6800-01E on the...

Good expandability. External hard drive bays work with off-the-shelf SATA drives. Plays Crysis yet costs less than $1,300. CrossFire-capable motherboard

Expansion limited by the included 500W power supply. Crapware. Plastics could be better. 64-bit OS doesn't make sense with only 3GB. Only 60-day trial of Norton 360

The Gateway FX6800-01e is all about gaming on the "cheap." For a lot less money than top-tier gaming boxes, the FX6800-01e can get you into gaming and the latest technology.

Avis d'expert par : Daniel Lim (

Gateway FX6800-05 review : Intel 80GB SSD, i7 940, plus ATI 4870 X2’s gaming rig


Gateway's FX6800-01e was the first i7, Nehalem, Quad-Core processor PC we tested , and its performance boost over the previous Core 2 architecture was obvious. That was the company's lowest FX-series rig with Nehalem/Bloomfield; today we have the...

Fév. 2009

Avis d'expert par : Ewdison Then (

Gateway FX6800-01e Review – Intel Core i7 (Nehalem) Powered Gaming Rig


Sitting on the SlashGear test bench for the past week or so has been Gateway's FX6800-01e PC, and boy have we wanted to tell you about it. Outwardly there's little to suggest - beyond the color scheme, which edges on the vibrant - that the FX6800-01e...

Nov. 2008

Avis d'expert par : Gordon Mah Ung (

Gateway FX6800


Gateway's trademark cow is long dead, but that doesn't mean the company can't be its quirky old self—something the FX6800 gaming rig illustrates perfectly. With its itsy-bitsy, microATX board, “I don't care about appearances” wiring, and moderate...

Quieter and faster than many far more expensive PCs

MicroATX board limits your expansion capabilities

There’s a lot to like about the FX6800. It’s not Kick Ass–worthy, but it’s pretty affordable, and it won’t leave you embarrassed, even if you compare it to last month’s fire-breather. The FX6800 is a little like driving your dad’s AMC AMX against an...

Juin 2009

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dekoelektropunktde Compatible avec Gateway FX6800...
Mémoire Capacité: 4Go
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dekoelektropunktde 2GB (2 Go) PC Ram DIMM PC2...
Mémoire Capacité: 2Go
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Electricité Domotique, automatismes et sécurité Motorisation de portail Pièce détachée et accessoire...
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CAME GATEWAY Module Connect Gateway configurable en...
GATEWAY CAME Module Connect Gateway configurable en WIFI, GSM, LAN, pour la gestion à distance...
547,00 € VOIR
CAME GATEWAY Module radio esclave pour automatismes...
GATEWAY CAME Module radio esclave pour automatismes (module 002RSE compris).
133,00 € VOIR
CAME GATEWAY Kit Passerelle Ethernet RETH001 et...
GATEWAY CAME Kit Passerelle Ethernet (806SA0030) alimenté en 230V AC et Module Esclave (806SA-0040)...
297,00 € VOIR
bft carte d'extension pour connexion b eba rs 485...
Electricité Domotique, automatismes et sécurité Motorisation de portail Pièce détachée et accessoire...
109,00 € VOIR
came gsm gateway pour automatisme rgsm001 806sa-0010 103,00 € VOIR BFT B EBA WIFI GATEWAY Carte d'extension WIFI BFT - BFT
Piloter votre motorisation de porte ou portail BFT via une applicaton pour smartphone IOS ou ANDROID grâce...
110,00 € VOIR
CAME GATEWAY Module passerelle GSM avec radio...
GATEWAY CAME Module passerelle GSM avec radio intégrée, pour la gestion à distance d'automatismes par le...
174,00 € VOIR

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