Acer Iconia 6120

alaTest a collecté et analysé 70 avis de consommateurs et d'experts pour le produit Acer Iconia 6120. La note moyenne du produit est 3.4 sur 5, tandis que les autres produits de même catégorie ont une note moyenne de 4.1 sur 5. Les testeurs apprécient l'efficacité énergétique. Le design impressionne, mais les testeurs ont des doutes sur la taille.

clavier, design, qualité de construction, écran, énergie

performance, batterie , portabilité, taille, valeur

Après analyse des notes de consommateurs et d'experts, de l'âge du produit ainsi que d'autres facteurs, et comparé aux autres produits de même catégorie, l'Acer Iconia 6120 obtient un alaScore™ de 83/100 = Très Bien.

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Avis d'expert par : Jason Cross (

Acer Iconia 6120


The Acer Iconia 6120 laptop is one of those marquee, "halo" products meant to draw attention to the brand as much as to satisfy everyday computing needs. In many ways it's a pretty ordinary 14-inch laptop. The standout feature, however, is its second...

Dual multitouch screens offer unique capabilities ; Stylish design

Uses last-gen Intel processor ; Poor battery life ; Soft keyboard slows typing

Though Acer did a decent job with the touch features, replacing the lower deck with a touchscreen is a poor trade-off.

Mai 2011

Avis d'expert par : Ross Miller (

Acer Iconia 6120 Touchbook review


The Iconia Touchbook is more akin to a proof of concept or a prototype: some great ideas skinned over a platform that can't handle it (Windows 7) and built into hardware not ready for prime time....

Dualscreen form factor is interesting ; Virtual keyboard and Handwriting works

Two-hour battery life ; Bulky, heavy form factor ; Windows 7 still not touch-friendly

A prototype that escaped the lab all too soon

Avr. 2011

Avis d'expert par : Dan Ackerman (

Acer ICONIA 6120 Dual-Screen Touchbook - 14 - Core i5 480M - Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - 4 GB RAM - 640 GB HDD review


Acer's inventive Iconia laptop falls into that exclusive category we sometimes call executive laptops. These are typically high-priced, highly designed systems that look great on a CEO's desk or in the first-class airline lounge. But they're also...

The Acer Iconia's innovative dual-touch-screen design and virtual keyboard work better than you'd expect, and unlike other dual-screen PCs we've seen, this one has enough CPU power for everyday tasks.

Speed typists will find that the virtual keyboard has a hint of a lag, and its (virtual) touch pad is needlessly small. It's also saddled with last year's Intel CPUs, rather than the latest generation, which might have given it better battery life.

Unlike a lot of other unique proof-of-concept laptops, the Acer Iconia is fun to use and largely works as advertised. But it has a hard time answering the most frequent question we hear about it: why would anyone need a dual-touch-screen laptop?

Mars 2011

Avis d'expert par (

Acer Iconia 6120


After having 10 of my colleagues try out the virtual keyboard, I found that the touch typists had the toughest time with it because the "feel" of the keys wasn't there. Those who hunt and peck, on the other hand, did better because they tend to look at...

Dual screens equals lots of screen real estate. Innovative touch software bundle. Reasonably priced. USB 3.0 port included. Its TouchBrowser utilizes both screens

Virtual keyboard will anger and flummox most typists. Big and heavy for a tablet or laptop. Bottom screen is hard to use under a bright light. Media card slot reader is an external USB attachment. Gesture editor and number of other utilities are too...

The Acer Iconia 6120 is a unique and innovative take on multitasking, but the virtual keyboard and Acer's touch software pack aren't ready for prime time.

Avis d'expert par : Sebastian Jentsch (

Review Acer Iconia Dual Screen Tablet


Touchbook. The Iconia is the Ferrari in Acer's tablet campaign. W

Application performance; Control concept; Low waste heat; Virtual keyboard/mouse

Narrow viewing angles; No internal cardreader; High weight & bulkiness; Short battery life; Long charge time; No DVD drive; Short manufacturer warranty

If you are accustomed to a tablet computer, you'll easily manage the Iconia and won't want a "real" notebook anymore.

Mars 2011

Avis d'expert par : Techmagnifier (

Acer Iconia 6120 Review,Price in India,Technical Specification


Couple of days back almost nothing was known about the newest baby of Acer but the dark clouds of uncertainty have certainly dissolved now.

Juin 2012

Avis d'expert par : Techworld (

Acer Iconia 6120 review


If the Acer Iconia has one main problem, it's that the lower touchscreen comes with a whole lot of baggage. It makes the system thick, for starters. At 1.4 inches thick, the Iconia isn't huge, but it is considerably thicker than laptops with similar...

Mai 2011

Avis d'expert par : David Ramsey (

Acer Iconia 6120 Dual-Screen Laptop


We've seen little innovation in laptop design in the last few years. Most companies seem to think that using a brushed aluminum finish or adding Intel's latest mobile CPU is all they need to do to freshen a product line. Still, Acer's not the first...

Unique dual-screen design ; Windows OS extensions from Microsoft and Acer make good use of dual screens, touch features ; Interesting collection of touch-enabled applications ; Decent CPU performance ; Included multi-format memory card reader

Large, heavy, and expensive ; Poor battery life ; No recovery disks included ; No internal optical drive ; Very poor graphics performance ; Lots of bloatware

Although we strive for objectivity here at Benchmark Reviews, please remember that each author perceives these points differently, and our conclusions and recommendations will necessarily differ from others. Also, prices can fluctuate and designs...

Avr. 2011

Avis d'expert par : (

Acer Iconia 6120


Innovative design, decent price, excellent design and build., Innovative design, decent price, excellent design and build. Serious geek and cool factor. A dream come true for those who need multiple monitors on the road

Paltry battery life, heavy, not a product for those who do lots of data entry., Paltry battery life, heavy, not a product for those who do lots of data entry

Being a geek and a technologist, I love the innovation and quality of the Acer Iconia 6120. I also applaud Acer’s attempt at some custom software that makes the dual screen design more practical, enjoyable and useful. But as a practical pundit, I don’t...

Avr. 2011


Avis d'expert par : Denny Atkin (

Acer Iconia-6120 Touchbook


No category of computing is bigger and bolder here in early 2011 than touch-interface tablet computers. Some very big players—RIM, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, and others—are all trying to gain a foothold against Apple's field-leading iPads. Not...

Unique two-screen design ; Customizable virtual keyboard ; Good performance

Too big and heavy for traditional tablet-use scenarios ; Poor battery life ; Very hard to touch-type on

This device's dual 14-inch LCDs make for an unusual hybrid of notebook and tablet, but its design and battery life simply demand too many compromises.

Mars 2011

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