MSI GE72 Apache PRO-242

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Avis d'utilisateur (

had to RMA my first one


when the new one comes along if there are no other issues I'll change my rating.

beautiful resolution back lit keyboard is awesome and it can stand up to AAA titles at medium settings.

the amount of backlight bleed was so sinful that I sent my first one back. my new one is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (4 weeks after initial purchase). the software required some tedious updating mainly Nvidia and windows and the pc wouldn't even...

Mars 2016

Avis d'utilisateur (

Fantastic buy


Overall a good buy.

Faster than my Gaming desktop in both CPU and GPU. Even without SSD it's still extremely fast. It has easily done everything I've thrown at it!

Fans are noisy. TouchPad I'm not fond of. I used a mouse. Not much bloatware but it's harder than I thought to remove. It's cumbersome to move around. Perhaps I should have gone with the 15" but I normally play on a 40" TV.

Fév. 2016

Avis d'utilisateur (

Great specs for the price


If you play with decent over-ear headphones the fans won't bother you, even with fan booster/jet engine mode on. You also definitely want to use a cooling pad if you're going to be doing GPU heavy gaming (during this review I've mainly been playing...

- Color changing keyboard was a lot cooler than I expected after messing around with the profiles - Great specs for the price - 3x m.2 drive slots, 1x 2.5 SATA slots (2x if you remove the DVD player) - M.2 DRIVE SCREWS INCLUDED (!!!) - The thing looks...

- Removing the bottom plate of the laptop to install the m.2 drive is a nightmare. ~20 screws, then you have to wedge a credit card in the crack to push in the clamps holding the bottom plate on. - Fan booster is uncomfortably loud. Don't expect to be...

Jan. 2016

Avis d'utilisateur (

Well Pleased!


I would recommend this. If not for the fans, I'd do so strongly.

- Great price for what you get - Great Performer - plays everything I throw at it smoothly - Looks good (if that's important to you) - I have it set up with a monitor. Works great. - Cery light, yet solid

- Died on first set up, but I got it running in the end. Note: MSI help desk was fast and helpful. - Noisy fans - and can still get hot. I use a fanned cooling pad (more noise!)

Jan. 2016

Avis d'utilisateur (

MSI GE Series GE72 Apache Pro-242 Gaming Laptop


This laptop is a very good buy, one I would recommend to anyone. the color scheme is excellent, and the price for performance is as good as I've found. Another note, which is more of a deal is this. I purchased this laptop less than a week...

- Fast - Lots of bells and whistles for the price - Screen has a great image for gaming showing colors and shadowing very clearly - Keyboard is impressively comfortable for a laptop. - Exhaust fans go out the back, so no hindrance with cooling if you...

- many smudges! Not a performance issue, but it can be an eye sore. - Only 1600mhz Ram speed. Honestly, the price difference isn't that huge, 2133 should have been installed with this beast. - Tons of extra software I could "care less...

Jan. 2016

Avis d'utilisateur (

Great PC, Small Annoying Issues.


I love MSI, been buying GPU's from them for years, but I wouldn't recommend this to people, Save your money for a solid ASUS with the same specs (+SSD). Prices aren't too far apart, but this Laptop has small issues that I don't care for, and would...

Good Hardware Powerful Cool Design Keyboard Price Will run most new games on high to ultra graphics without much effort.

Lots of unnecessary bloatware (Although it is a given with laptops) First day, hooked up monitor to PC while it was plugged in, after about 5 minutes of gaming on the laptop screen, the PC blue screened (not enough power if I remember correctly)...

Dec. 2015

Avis d'utilisateur (

Looking for a gaming laptop. Look no further.


I have had the laptop for almost a month and I have to say this is one of the best laptops not just for gaming but for looks. It also had some hidden gems to include the 3x M.2 slots I found to upgrade HDD space to go along with a regular HDD slot on...

Price 3GB GTX 970GPU I7 5700HQ 3x M.2 SSD slots (2x dedicated, 1x combo slot with RAID support) Full 1080p

Lack of actual specification for the laptop there are many benefits that are not listed on newegg here of how to do certain upgrades or even from MSI you have to dig pretty deep on google to get the information to include taking the back off (punching...

Dec. 2015

Avis d'utilisateur (

MSI GE72 Apache Pro-242


- Plays current titled games on very high or ultra - Maintains a very cool temperature

- Manual was not clear on m.2 installation specifications - "Fn" key and "windows" key are swapped; although it can be swapped in bios.

Dec. 2015

Avis d'utilisateur (

fantastic buy!!!


This is an edit of my previous review. my numbers were a bit off. epic fail, my bad. Fallout 4: running 55-60fps on ultra with some settings tweaked to low/medium Far Cry 4: maxed out graphics 65-90 fps. no joke. I pooped my pants. minesweeper still...


Dec. 2015

Avis d'utilisateur (

Amazing Laptop


Bought this OPEN BOX (As of now they are out of stock) for $1,150, and saved $300 (at the time). Now it is $1,200 NEW, so I wish I would have waited til black Friday, but I really needed a laptop at the time.

Fantastic Price/Performance ratio. GAMES: Fallout 4: Medium Settings (Don't worry, it still looks awesome) never dips below 54 FPS, mostly a solid 60 fps. Fallout 4: High Settings: Never goes below 42 FPS. Stays around 55-60 fps most of the time....

Bought open box, so it didn't come with BACKPACK or FREE GAME. Not worth even 1/10 of an egg. = (

Nov. 2015

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