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alaTest a collecté et analysé 17 avis de consommateurs et d'experts pour le produit ViewSonic XG2401. La note moyenne du produit est 4.0 sur 5, tandis que les autres produits de même catégorie ont une note moyenne de 4.3 sur 5. De nombreux avis apprécient la fiabilité. L'ergonomie impressionne, mais les testeurs sont moins positifs sur le design.

utilisabilité, valeur, taille, fiabilité


En moyenne, les consommateurs notent ce produit 82/100 et les experts notent ce produit 77/100.

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Recommended by TR

Avis d'expert par : Edward Chester (

Viewsonic XG2401


The high-end of the gaming monitor market may get all the headlines, but if your budget is a little tighter, a no-frills, 24-inch, 1080p, 144Hz model is the way to go. The Viewsonic XG2401 is just such a model and it can be had for well under £300.

Juin 2017

Avis d'expert par : John R. Delaney (

ViewSonic XG2401


The ViewSonic XG2401 is a moderately priced 24-inch gaming monitor that delivers great performance and some nice features for gamers. Its viewing angles and color accuracy could be better, though.

AMD FreeSync anti-tearing technology. Speedy pixel response and refresh rate. Great gaming performance in our tests.

Middling viewing-angle performance. Slightly skewed color accuracy. Weak speakers.

Conclusion If you're looking for a monitor that offers gamer-friendly presets and can handle fast gaming action, the ViewSonic XG2401is a solid choice that won't drain your bank account. Granted, its TN panel doesn't offer the gray-scale and...

Mars 2016

Avis d'expert par : AkG (

ViewSonic XG2401 FreeSync Monitor Review


It's an interesting time to be looking for a gaming monitor. Never before have there been so many options regardless of whether you are looking for a

With its combination of 144Hz refresh rate, easy-to-drive resolution, decent if not stellar color fidelity and its reliance upon AMD’s

Avr. 2016

Avis d'expert par : Michael Andronico (

ViewSonic XG2401 Review – Super-Responsive Gaming


If low-latency gaming is your priority, the $279 ViewSonic XG2401 is one of the best in its class. This 24-inch monitor offers ridiculously fast response times, dedicated FPS, MOBA and RTS modes, and packs FreeSync to ensure extra smoothness for those...

Super-fast response times ; Fast 144Hz refresh rate at 1080p ; AMD FreeSync support ; Highly adjustable stand with headphone dock

A few extraneous features

The ViewSonic XG2401 gaming monitor offers crisp 1080p images, ridiculously fast response times and plenty of useful bells and whistles.

Fév. 2016

Avis d'utilisateur (

Feature packed 144hz & FreeSync monitor does all that it claims it does and does it very well.


Should you buy this monitor? This is a personal question along the same lines as what computer chair/mouse/speakers to buy. “It depends”. DO NOT BUY A MONITOR FOR A FEATURE YOU HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED. You HAVE to do whatever you can possible do to go SEE...

In short it does everything it claims to, and it does it very well. I am going to assume you have already decided you want a fast (1ms), 144hz & FreeSync monitor, as captain obvious reports, buying a monitor for a feature you can’t use or you’re just...

Price, I’m sure it will settle down, but it seems really high now. Not really a con, but you also have to commit to being an AMD guy for a while if you want to use freesync.

Avr. 2016

Avis d'utilisateur (

Rock solid construction, Excellent picture, easy on the eyes.


I would recommend this to two types of users, Obviously, a gamer will love the daylights out of this monitor. Also, anyone who suffers from eye issues will find this monitor to be much, much better than the typical $120 60hz models from any...

Picture quality. Very sturdy construction. Nothing wobbly or cheap here. Relatively accurate after calibration (for a TN). Some TN panels never look right, but this one is very decent. I had no difficulty at all getting 144hz with DisplayPort. Really...

The menus are sort of awkward. I constantly find myself hitting the wrong button, no matter how many times I've made adjustments to test different features. Some items are disabled until you experiment with other pages and turn something else on that...

Avr. 2016

Avis d'utilisateur (

Gaming monitor loaded with features


I did not use the display port but rather a DVI-HDMI cable that I have been using for years. Doing a back to back comparison with a Dell Ultrasharp 24" monitor did show some differences as I have described in the above sections. Please provide a...

The image is excellent- the colors were able to be dialed in and arrived out of the box about 10% off of optimal. The viewing angle is superb, despite what another reviewer has said- it looks like the image is printed on the screen since you can see...

The image viewing angle from below is terrible- any angle below 90 causes rapid reduction in image quality- so in reality the verticle viewing angle is more like 120. The menu buttons are not terribly intuitive and the menus themselves are too deep....

Avr. 2016

Avis d'utilisateur (

Hard tlo beat for the price for 144hz


This is a very affordable 144hz monitor with Freesync. It has a very solid build quality, it comes well packaged. I am happy with this monitor and I think it is well suited to those that do more than just game. Great all around monitor.

This is going to be a realistic view from an average gamer. There are plenty of reviews out there by people with high tech equipment to test monitors that know every little bit of the technology, that isnt me. I use my PC for games, basic video...

The bezel is a bit large, I prefer a very thin to non-existent bezel around the edge Is a little bright when you first get it, but its fine once you turn it down a bit. The configuration screens were a tiny bit difficult to get around in, but it works.

Avr. 2016

Avis d'utilisateur (

Excellent value even without FreeSync


While not a con of the monitor itself but something to consider is if you have nVidia cards you won't get the adaptive/freesync vsync features. However, with that said, for the price you are getting a very nice monitor. I began testing on a Core i5 z97...

- 144hz Monitor - 1ms response time - Beautifully designed base and screen - Screen rotates full 90 degrees for easy access to ports - Bright - Price is right

- None

Avr. 2016

Avis d'utilisateur (

The Monitor With Everything


This monitor has a built in process reducer to reduce input lag. Personally, I've never had a problem with that regardless of the monitor I was using. But it's nice to know that you probably won't have to worry about your monitor being responsible for...

My System Specs: Core i7 4790K 4.8 Ghz z97 OC Formula 16 GB Trident X 2666 Mhz SLI GTX 980 Classified RM1000x PSU RAID 0 Force 3 SSDs RAID 0 HDDs Blu Ray Burner Custom H2o cooling Loops on CPU & GPUs Win10x64 Being my first View Sonic monitor, I wasn't...

View Sonic clearly put in an effort to produce a monitor with virtually every imaginable feature a person could want. But there is one thing missing from this monitor that I would have liked to see. It doesn't have a DVI input. Therefore it can't be...

Avr. 2016

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